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 What is a Test Shoot?

Test shoot is a customary practice in the fashion industry since re-touching and editing photos has become so popular we use these shoots  to verify your look by our trusted photography team. A client or agency uses a test or experimental photography or test commercials for commercial purposes to help see a model's marketability and look on print. The model do not have any creative say in how the photos are taken unless specific arrangements have been made with the model agent prior to the test. Test shoots are paid for by the model usually before the agency or client hires them. The prices varies to only cover material cost to the expertise of a certain high-end photographer.

See the Client/Brands and requirements below if you meet the industry standard you can sign up for that brand. This is a closed shoot and a casting manager will contact after you select your brand below with shoot location. You can select more than one brand if you qualify: You are responsible for your own travel and accommodations since this a test shoot for review if you are selected the client will provide future accommodations.

Los Angeles * Atlanta * New York * Miami * Houston * Toronto * London



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